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NLG and NLU for the job candidate in a job conditions negotiation. For the other side, see JobEmployerNegotiation.regexp.

/* class=RegularExpression */
/* case-sensitive=false */
/* includes=JobNegotiation.regexp */

<promise:$1:$2:$3:$4>:      /*Generation is top-down; parsing is bottom-up*/

  • <agree:$1:$2>[,]? if <youagree:$3:$4>


  • What do you offer[?]?


  • How much salary do you offer[?]?


  • I would like <Salary:$1>[.]?


  • I can agree to work for <Salary:$1>[.]?


  • you give me <Salary:$1>[.]?


  • This is too little[.]?

<question:Job Description>:

  • What position do you offer[?]?

<demand:Job Description:$1>:

  • I want to work as a $1[.]?

<agree:Job Description:$1>:

  • I agree to work in a $1 position[.]?

<youagree:Job Description:$1>:

  • you agree that I work as a $1[.]?

<reject:Job Description>:

  • This job description is not good enough for me[.]?

<question:Leased Car>:

  • Do you give a company car[?]?

<demand:Leased Car:With leased car>:

  • I need a company car[.]?

<agree:Leased Car:Without leased car>:

  • I can do without a company car[.]?

<youagree:Leased Car:With leased car>:

  • you promise me a company car[.]?

<reject:Leased Car>:

  • I must have a car to get to work[.]?

<question:Promotion Possibilities>:

  • What promotion track do you offer[?]?

<demand:Promotion Possibilities:$1 promotion track>:

  • I want a $1 promotion track[.]?

<agree:Promotion Possibilities:$1 promotion track>:

  • I can agree to a $1 promotion track[.]?

<youagree:Promotion Possibilities:$1 promotion track>:

  • you agree to a $1 promotion track[.]?

<reject:Promotion Possibilities>:

  • This is too slow for me[.]?

<question:Working Hours>:

  • How many hours would I work each day[?]?

<demand:Working Hours:$1 hours>:

  • I want a daily schedule of $1(\d+) hours[.]?

<agree:Working Hours:$1 hours>:

  • I can agree on a work day of $1(\d+) hours[.]?

<youagree:Working Hours:$1 hours>:

  • you agree that I work $1(\d+) hours a day[.]?

<reject:Working Hours>:

  • This is too much for me[.]?

<demand:Pension Fund:$1%>:

  • I want $1(\d+)[%] pension[.]?

<agree:Pension Fund:$1%>:

  • I can agree on $1(\d+)[%] pension[.]?

<youagree:Pension Fund:$1%>:

  • you agree to a pension of $1(\d+)[%][.]?

<reject:Pension Fund>:

  • This is too low[.]?


  • What do you offer regarding $1[?]?
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