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<demand:Salary:20000 USD>:

  • I want $20,000 for a salary.
  • Yes, I want $20000 per month.
  • I would be happy with around 20,000 dollars
  • Yes I want 20,000 dollars per month
  • I want 20,000 dollars
  • you'd be getting the best in the field. I'd be glad to be your programmer for 20,000 NIS

<demand:Pension Fund:20%>:

  • I would like 20% pension.
  • Great, in terms of the pension fund. I would like a 20% pension fund.
  • I disagree with you. I really feel that 20% is reasonable
  • Are you sure I cannot get 20% pension?

<demand:Working Hours:8 hours>:

  • I assumed 40 hours a week
  • I only want to work 8 hours a day.
  • Yes, thank you. What were you thinking in terms of working hours? I was thinking on the lines of 8 hours
  • I believe you will find that I am a very efficient worker. I do not waste time and feel that I can be very productive in 8 hours

<agree:Working Hours:9 hours>:

  • I will work 9 hours a day.
  • I will agree to 9 hours/day if that includes a 1 hour lunch break in the middle of the day

<demand:Promotion Possibilities:Fast promotion track>:

  • Im all for moving up in the company, but I prefer to start on top.
  • Fast promotion track is best for me.
  • OK, what about the promotions possibilities? I feel that considering the skills I will be bringing, I should be on the fast promotion track

<demand:Leased Car:With leased car>:

  • throw in a car and the rest we discussed and you got a deal
  • I would like a company car.
  • In that case, I would like a leased car

<demand:Job Description:Project Manager>:

  • Good. With regards to the job description. Considering my experience and qualifications I believe you'll agree that I should take up the post of project manager


  • Yes sir.
  • I'd be happy with that. Agreed?
  • OK in that case we can agree

Uncategorized:      /*dialog 1*/

  • what is your current offer?
  • at what salar?
  • I would need a better salary than that and a guaranteed pension
  • 20,000 basic and 20% pension for an 8 hour day
  • do we have agreement on the other subjects?
  • what job description are you suggesting?
  • so we need to discuss promotion track and car, right?
  • so 12,000 with 20% pension, 8 hour day, leased car and promotion on merit
  • I could agree to being a team manager instead if I get a leased car
  • I would obviously like fast track and a lease car.:
  • ok then.. back to the car... Since your only paying 12,000 I need reliable transportation.

     /*dialog 2*/

  • Alright, what are you offering?
  • for that [7000] you expect me to do what, exactly?
  • I am currently earning twice that.
  • Can you not match that, then offer benefits to make your offer acceptable?
  • do you offer a pension fund?
  • that's a good start, how about a car?
  • fine. does your company promote rather quickly?
  • and what would I start as?
  • you only want to pay 12,000 AND have me work 10 hours a day? something is not right there.
  • no weekends.. My family is important to me
  • I can agree to 12,000 but I only want to work 8 hours a day.
  • Why don't we agree on 20,000 dollars in salary and 10% for the pension fund?

     /*dialog 3*/

  • I want to know more about promotion possibilities.
  • I don't want to lease a car.
  • No, I would like a company car.
  • I don't need anything else.
  • What will I be doing?
  • Help people.
  • I would like my job description to say work to help people.

     /*dialog 4*/

  • What is the salary attached to this job?
  • I would be happy with around 25,000 dollars
  • That [7000] is too little
  • Great
  • Is there anything else we should discuss?

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