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NLG and NLU common to the candidate and employer in a job conditions negotiation. For the specific regexps, see JobEmployerNegotiation.regexp, JobCandidateNegotiation.regexp.

/* class=RegularExpression */
/* case-sensitive=false */


  • Do we agree[?]?


  • Is there anything else we should discuss[?]?


  • a salary of $1 per month

$1(\d+) USD:      /*translate dollars*/

  • $1(\d+) USD
  • \$$1(\d+)
  • $1(\d+) dollars

<reject:issue count:$1(\d+)>:

  • I already accepted your conditions in $1(\d+) issues, I expect that you compromise on other issues[.]?


  • I accept your offer[.]?


  • I cannot accept your offer[.]?


  • Sorry, I didn't understand you[.]?


  • $1 is not one of the issues in our discussion[.]?


  • $1 is not one of the valid values for $2[.]?


  • I am happy that you agree[.]?
  • Good[.]?
  • Great[!]?
  • Excellent[.]?


  • I do not agree with you.


  • OK, It seems we have a deal: $1
End of Transformer JobNegotiation.regexp
This resource is related to negotiation dialogs.