This bot uses strings from other pages in this wiki: WikiReader.js/Greeting.txt, WikiReader.js/English.txt, WikiReader.js/Spanish.txt, WikiReader.js/Hebrew.txt...

/* class=gwtchat.server.JavascriptBot */
/* greeting for a new user: */
function greet(chatter) {
  var greeting = wiki.get('WikiReader.js/Greeting.txt');
  greeting = greeting.replace("$name",;
/* Reply: */
function hear(chatter, message) {
  var pageName = "WikiReader.js/"+message+".txt";
  if (wiki.contains(pageName)) {
    var text = wiki.get(pageName);
    text = text.replace("$name",; // insert the chatter name inside the template
  } else {
    chat.say("I cannot greet you in "+message+" because the page "+pageName+" does not exist in the wiki!");
End of bot WikiReader.js
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